2024 Final Data Amsterdam – Nijmegen

At first let’s compare the game data of both teams before the finals. In alphabetic order.

Game Data Amsterdam

Game Data Nijmegen

Match 1 Amsterdam Tigers – Nijmegen Devils


Scheduled Date: 16.03.24
Location: Jaap Edenhal Amsterdam
Referee 1: KLINTOT Rasmus
Linesman 1: RIJZEWIJK Brian
Head Coach Amsterdam Tigers: VERSTEEG JOHN
Scheduled Time: 17:45
Attendance: 1,632
Referee 2: HESSELBERTH Jeroen
Linesman 2: KOSTERS Britt
Head Coach Nijmegen Devils: GALLAGHER RAY
PerTimeScoreGSTeamScored byAssist byAssist 2 by
101:411:0EQAmsterdam TigersMackie Kwist M. (37)Pohlman D. (18) 
104:292:0EQAmsterdam TigersPoutanen S. (60)Karol A. (17)Kirsons A. (88)
104:402:1EQNijmegen DevilsHoukes L. (41)McLeod A. (14)Bruijsten M. (20)
227:323:1EQAmsterdam TigersPohlman C. (19)  
232:403:2PP1Nijmegen DevilsBruijsten M. (20)Bergen B. (27)Houkes L. (41)
234:313:3PP1Nijmegen DevilsHoukes L. (41)Bruijsten M. (20)Knetter D. (2)
236:444:3PP1Amsterdam TigersPohlman C. (19)Overweg S. (23) 
351:585:3PP1Amsterdam TigersPoutanen S. (60)Kirsons A. (88)Karol A. (17)
352:406:3PP1Amsterdam TigersHoorn R. (9)Duin L. (81) 
355:186:4EQNijmegen DevilsGerritsen E. (88)McLeod A. (14)Bruijsten M. (20)
356:457:4EQAmsterdam TigersPohlman C. (19)Karol A. (17)Kirsons A. (88)
359:078:4EQAmsterdam TigersPohlman C. (19)  

Great to see that the Dutch Icehockey clubs work together to bring the game to your screen. Leeuwarden and Groningen Thx for all the support in this great match. In peak there where over a 1000 live watching streams. That is a great result.

Match 2 Nijmegen Devils – Amsterdam Tigers


Scheduled Date: 17.03.24
Location: Triavium Nijmegen
Referee 1: HERDT de NIKI
Linesman 1: RIJZEWIJK Brian
Head Coach Nijmegen Devils: GALLAGHER RAY
Scheduled Time: 19:00
Attendance: 1,550
Linesman 2: KOSTERS Britt
Referee 2: KLIJBERG Jeroen
Head Coach Amsterdam Tigers: VERSTEEG JOHN
PerTimeScoreGSTeamScored byAssist byAssist 2 by
224:290:1EQAmsterdam TigersOverweg S. (23)  
230:581:1PP1Nijmegen DevilsBergen B. (27)Bruijsten M. (20) 
231:301:2EQAmsterdam TigersOverweg S. (23)Makarin A. (3) 
237:011:3PP1Amsterdam TigersPohlman C. (19)Mackie Kwist M. (37)Duin L. (81)
340:332:3PP1Nijmegen DevilsMcLeod A. (14)Bruijsten M. (20)Bergen B. (27)
352:322:4EQAmsterdam TigersPohlman C. (19)  

We congratulate the Amsterdam Tigers with the championship for 2024.

Let’s Go Tigers Let’s Go